Beatrice Blake - Women's Fiction

Professor Beatrice Blake - a twenty-six year old prodigy learning how to transition from a child wonder to a well rounded woman 

Told in three parts:

Beatrice Blake, Novice - in which Beatrice questions the plans she's followed for the last ten years and learns where her true passions lie

  • Setting - Utah 
  • Other major characters - Grandpa Joe, who moves in with Bea while recovering from a stroke; Jake, a ski instructor and Tris's first boyfriend; Cindy, the history department's secretary and Tris's first close girl friend; Liam, Beatrice's brother's best friend; Melanie, Liam's wife
  • Status : actively querying

Beatrice Blake, Apprentice - in which Beatrice moves to France, saying anything more would be spoilers
Status: outlining

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Beatrice Blake, Expert - Beatrice finally finds her place in the world 
Status: generating ideas