Romance Collection

Ribbon in the Unspoken Words Anthology is available at Amazon as an ebook or you can message me on Facebook to request a signed print copy

A historical romance set in the sun baked hills of central California. Kirsten, three years later, is still mourning the loss of her fiance in WWII. Through the help of her lifelong friend, Tom, she learns that it's good to be happy and to love again.   

Stars Bright 
*received an honorable mention from the Marilyn Brown Novel Award*
 One date. Just dinner, really. Now thanks to The Tonight Show the whole world knows she's been out with Hollywood's favorite reformed bad-boy and recovered addict, Ryan Daniels. 
One date and he was hooked. What would it take to convince Sophia she was ready to love again? More importantly, can he show this busy mother and organic farmer to look beyond his past and see he's the one for her?   
Status: in edits
Moonlight Silver   
The Daniels-Hunt family head to Brazil while Ryan films Amazon Adventure 
Ryan & Sophia - work through jealousies, hurt feelings, and misunderstandings
David - faces the consequences of poor choices
Aaron - struggles with a secret that keeps him withdrawn from the family
Cait & Tommy - create documentary about Families in the Favelas while Tommy tries to convince Cait that, despite his past, he won't make the same mistakes her father did
Setting: Rio de Janeiro and Amazon Rain Forest 
Status: in edits (sequel to Stars Bright)

Skies Blue
Melissa - manager of Raspberry Falls Farm
Chas - assistant at Bill's organic cattle ranch
Melissa copes with her ex-boyfriend's release from prison, finding her birth mom, and rediscovering her true passion
Chas returns home to convert the family ranch to organic cattle production, assists his disable mother, and helps Melissa reach her dreams 
Setting: Los Angeles and rural Montana 
Status: WIP (companion story to Stars Bright)

Honeysuckle Yellow 
Anne – real-estate assistant, urban farmer & beekeeper
Nicco - Italian "prince" relocating to New York City and trying to define who he is outside his family's expectations
Anne copes with the loss of her job and doesn't trust Nicco's affections feeling that a mid-west professor's daughter can't stack up to the super models he typically dates. Nicco tries to convince Anne that her passion for bees, her work with the disadvantaged at the urban farm, as well her red hair and lush curves do more for him than any woman he's ever dated. He also has to help his philandering brother reform before he ruins the family's reputation and rescue his grandmother from her mistaken dealings with the Mafia.  
Setting: New York City 
Status: in revision (companion story to Stars Bright)

Paris Lights  
A contemporary romance novella set in Paris in the winter. 
Status: in edits

Santorini Sunrise 
A contemporary romance novella set on the lovely Greek island of Santorini. 
Status: in edits